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Deva One: The Best For Mentors

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn" - Benjamin Franklin


If you're an expert looking for a platform to start your mentoring journey, this topic is for you.

The scope of this topic will answer the following questions:

  • Why has the Deva One been created at all?

  • What is the difference between Deva One and Udemy?

  • Which value creates for you as an instructor the Deva One?

Why has the Deva One been created at all?


First of all, we fully understand that in our fast-changing world, people have to learn constantly to stay competitive specialists. Especially in the information technology industry, the problem is much sharper because the requirements for new specialists are growing much faster than new experts coming to the market. So, the market is starving for new specialists.

Second, realizing the perspectives of the IT professions, many people wish to make a career switch and become an expert in this industry. Especially after the COVID pandemic, the number of people who started a new career journey rose extremally. As a result, existing sources for learning are overloaded. Here mean the sources such as colleges and live guided training, not online courses.

In this situation, many highly qualified experts wish to start sharing their knowledge and experience with newcomers because everyone will win in such cooperation. Students will receive valued knowledge and skills from the top exporters in their industry, the market

will win by getting new specialists, and the mentors will keep their skills up-to-date and earn extra funds.

Unfortunately, the existing options which exist at this moment for instructors are not rich. There are options to start a tutoring career offline in training centers or colleges or use platforms like Udemy and create content there. Both options have several key disadvantages, which keep away many experts to start teaching.

From an offline training perspective, the main obstacle is the time and resources that instructors have to spend. For example, driving to college or training centers, household obstacles, work schedules, etc.

To resolve these scenarios related to offline education, the mentors choose online educational platforms, such as Udemy or Coursera. However, there exist different kinds of limitations for experts.

Here, in Deva One, we make the platform to simplify the teaching process by combining the advantages of offline and online educational paradigms in one place for instructors.

What is the difference between Deva One and Udemy?

As already mentioned, many highly qualified experts choose online educational platforms to combine their work and life limitations and teaching activities. One of the most popular platforms for online education is Udemy.

On this platform, the experts can register, create their courses and share their knowledge with the students who are looking for that skills. The same thing is proposing the Deva One academy, but with several crucial differences.

First of all, the learning process on Udemy is a Video-On-Demand, which means the instructor must spend much time creating and editing video materials. As a consequence, the prices for the courses are not as high as in the case of guided lessons.

Second, we are sure that to teach something new to the student, the instructor has to involve the student in the learning process, which is hard to do in the case of VOD because of weak communication between teacher and student.

In Deva One, the lessons are live online lessons. This approach simplifies the start effort for the instructor because he/she has not been forced to create video content. The creation of the course is just providing detailed descriptions of lesson content. Additionally, real communication makes it possible for instructors to involve the students in the learning process and achieve impressive results. Because of live sessions, the instructor has to put continuous effort into the teaching process, but the online and flexible schedule approach makes it easier and possible to combine with their life/work schedule.

Here, the table presents the main differences between Deva One and Udemy.

Deva One

Udemy (Ref.)

Learning experience

Online live sessions

Video on demand

Course creation

  • Content of the course

  • Lessons descriptions

  • Additional artifacts such as presentations, code examples, etc.

  • Content of the course

  • Video recordings

  • Video editing

  • Lessons descriptions

  • Additional artifacts such as presentations, code examples, etc.

Net Amount Calculation

Net Amount = Gross amount - 2.4% payment processing fee

Net Amount = Gross amount - any Transaction Taxes - any mobile platform fees - 3% service and processing fee - any amounts paid to third parties in connection with the Promotional Programs

Revenue share by referral link

Instructors receive 90% of the net amount

Instructors receive 97% of the net amount

Revenue share by platform browsing

Instructors receive 80% of the net amount

Instructors receive 37% of the net amount

Revenue share by promotion

Instructors receive 70% of the net amount

Instructors receive 37% of the net amount

Course pricing

Set by instructor

Set by instructor

Revenue report

In the personal cabinet on the platform

In the personal cabinet on the platform

Which value creates for you as an instructor the Deva One?

In summary, the Deva One provides the following values to instructors:

  • Create independent tutoring careers for experts in different industries

  • Simple creation of the course materials

  • High compensation rates paid monthly

  • Courses advertisement on online platforms

  • Live communication channel with your students


Add your comments, concerns, and suggestions below in the comments.

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