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.NET 7: The Platform To Rule Them All


On 8 November 2022, Microsoft released the latest version of .NET, which is .NET 7, with many improvements and new features. Below are presented just some of the new improvements.


Microsoft did an incredible job with the latest version of .NET. It's the fastest-ever .NET version.

With a new version was presented the novelty called Native AOT, which generates code at compile-time instead of run-time. This approach reduces startup time, memory usage, and disk size and improves performance. Here is the data based on the Microsoft announcement document.

One another improvement that improved the performance was the union of Blazor and .NET MAUI. Additionally was improved the code generation for Arm64 CPUs.

Simplified Coding Experience

With the addition of C# 11 and API improvements to .NET libraries, you're more productive than ever writing code. Now the engineers can easily deploy apps directly to Azure Container Apps for a distributed and scalable cloud-native experience.

Because of improvements in EF 7, now engineers can even query metadata stored in SQL JSON columns directly using Language Integrated Query (LINQ) while handling state-distributed across multiple microservices instances with Orleans, also known as Distributed .NET.


Besides the mentioned, the .NET7 released many more improvements:

  • Cloud Native applications

  • Security improvements

  • New APIs and improvements

Here is the link where you can check the titanic work done to make .NET 7 better.

.NET is a universal tool that allows programmers to do everything in one ecosystem, and with each release, it gets more and more powerful, secure, and fast.

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