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Students Choose Online Education!

Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death. - Albert Einstein

Based on statistical information from Statista, the number of software developers has constantly been growing in the last few years, and the growth rate is forecasted to increase more in the future.

An increased number of knowledge seekers will create a heavy load on the educational systems, offline and online.

However, considering how fast the new cutting-edge technologies are replacing each other, it is assumed that the most affected would be the online education industry. This results from the flexibility and extensibility provided to students by the online education model.

The annual surveys taken by Stack Overflow among the worldwide software engineers community present how dramatically changed the portion of students choosing online education to adapt and take challenges from the modern world.

The diagram below shows the diagram of the students using online educational technologies in their learning process against students based only on offline education.

Are you agree with these results? Please vote below.

What is your's learning preference?

  • Online only

  • Offline Only

  • Hybrid, Offline With Online

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