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Karen Sargsyan

CEO - Founder

I am an IT consultant, Solutions Architect, and CEO of Deverno Inc.

The background of my career is a Master's degree in Nuclear Physics, several years of scientific work, and 15+ years of experience in the IT industry.

During my career path in IT, I acted in many roles such as Solutions Architect, Recourse Manager, Technical Lead, Engineering Manager, Project Manager, and Lead Software Engineer.

Being a non-stop learner I have taken multiple courses from different organizations and institutions and become a well-experienced expert in technical, business, and management domains in various businesses.

My vision or manifesto is to share my knowledge and accumulated experience solving different VUCA problems over many years with others to make their path a little bit easier. I’m sure, there are many brilliant experts all around the world with similar aspirations. And the apogee of my manifesto materialized in the DevaOne project with the slogan "Teach, Learn and Earn".

Karen Sargsyan
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