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About Us

Teach, Learn And Earn.

In our fast-changing days, many want to learn new skills, improve existing skills level and even learn new professions. Unfortunately, usually, people are too busy and can't find time in their heavy schedule to visit special training centers or colleges to take courses from instructors and professors. You may say, there are a lot of online video courses. Well, video courses without the leading are not comfortable for everyone. So we build a unique platform, where knowledge seekers may take online, instructor-leaded courses on a flexible schedule.

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Our Story

We are a software engineers. Working with different projects and companies we saw the same repeated problems again and again. Every projects trying to find highly qualified engineers and specialists to rump-up their projects, and every time finding and hiring new engineers becoming a challenging problem.

Initially we try to hire a perspective students and teach them to become an engineers. However the conversion rate was low because of several factors.

  • First, the instructors were very busy on their daily duties as senior or lead engineers on their assigned projects.

  • Students were not always able to attend the lessons because their were working on other jobs in different domains.

  • Provided topics, books or video courses were not enough effective without instructor's guidance.

So, analyzing the situation, the processes and the outcomes based on our own and others experience we designed the concept how to improve the efficiency of the teaching process. And the result of our work turned to platform. 

Our Vision

After consolidating the all information collected during a years of experience in software engineering, IT consulting and education was designed the following simple concept for efficient and easy tutoring the IT universe for newcomers and provide the new opportunity for every wisher to be part of the new age technological world. Additionally, the designed concept will simplify the life for experts in their wish to be always on top.

The vison of the Deva One on teaching is based on the following:

  • Instructors should be highly qualified and motivated

  • Student's learning journey should be always leaded by instructor

  • The learning schedule should be as flexible as possible for both sides.

So, our vison ​can be described in one sentence as:

Courses Should Be Created By The Highly Qualified Instructors And Delivered With Flexible Schedule.

Meet The Team

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