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How And Why To Become An Instructor On DevaOne?

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

You're a great expert and have a wish to transfer your knowledge to others? Then this topic is for you

"In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn" - Phil Collins

Why become an instructor at all?

First of all, the teaching process pushes us to understand the material much deeper. Explanation of material to the student requires an ultimate understanding of any detail in the topic.

The second advantage of instructing others is to keep the expertise on the top and constantly be at the forefront of progress. Nowadays, technologies are moving fast. Every day some new fabulous innovation reaches the market, and the teaching experience is an additional motivator to keep learning.

And last but not least, teaching and mentoring improve communication skills which is one of the most important skill in any aspect of life.

Additionally, mentoring is fun, and why not? It's a source of additional funds too.

Why choose DevaOne for teaching?

If you agree with the previous topic, you may ask, why choose the Deva platform from multiple offers provided by the market?

Well, here are presented just some of the advantages which the platform will provide you as an expert and instructor:

  • You are creating and designing your course as you wish. The topics, lessons, duration of each topic, etc.

  • You are able to create a schedule for lesson sessions as comfortable for you without corrupting your life-work balance.

  • You are setting the price for each schedule which can be charged at one time or in recurring mode.

  • 70-90% of the funds paid by your students for your course will be your net income based on how the students found your course. Possible options are: your shared link, DevaOne's website, or from promotional campagine created by DevaOne's administration

  • A modern tool for handling all aspects of your teaching experience and even more.

How to register as an instructor on DevaOne?

As shown on this flowchart, you have to take a couple of easy steps.

The first step is just registration on the site with your email address.

Then you'll receive an email to verify your account user and email address.

After activation of your account, you'll be able to log in. However, at this stage, you have to fill up your profile first. Please pay attention to the section "Personal Information" because after activation, this information will be visible to the public. In this section, you have to select the language for your lessons and provide your name and a short bio about you. See the attached screenshot.

After filling up all required fields, click "Submit For Approval". And the Deva One's administration will communicate with you within 24 hours by email, answer to all yours possible questions and provide agreement for an instructor.

After signing the agreement, your account will be fully activated within minutes. Now, you can start designing your first course.


To see instructions for course creation.

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