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How to create a new course and schedule?

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

This topic is created for instructors to help in new course and schedule creation and management.

You're and expert in your area and have registered as an instructor on the Deva's platform?

Now you have a brilliant idea of the course to teach others? Excellent, then this topic is for you.

Here will be presented the step-by-step instructions

  • How to create a course.

  • How to create a schedule for the course.

  • How to manage and publish the course for public view.

Stage 1 - Create a new course

First of all login onto platform with your credentials and go to Courses page and click on Add Course button on top right corner as shown below.

Deva Create New Course

Fill up all required fields:

  1. Pick up the category for your course

  2. Select the language on which the course materials will be provided to students.

  3. Put several tags as keywords for your course to simplify searching in future and help potential student find it in the bunch of other courses.

  4. Put the title for your course

  5. Add some description

  6. If you have a special image for social sharing then upload it too.

  7. Click the save button on bottom right corner of the page.

Now you have created your first course. However , you see, the course is in Draft status. To publish it for your future students, you need to fill the required information on it first.

Filling lessons and adding materials

To start click on edit action button as shown below:

Now open the Lessons tab.

Click on Add Lesson button and fill the opened modal for lesson:

  1. Input some title for the lesson. For example "Introduction" or main topic of the lesson.

  2. Provide some description about the content of the lesson. Explain for your students, what they will learn during the lesson.

  3. Set the duration of the lesson which will be spent on current topic. Remember, that the lesson duration are not the same as the online training or meeting session's duration. One lesson can take some part of the one online session or can be spitted into several sessions.

  4. Attach some materials related to the lesson which you would like to share with your students.

    1. This materials could be some presentations, books, some topics etc.

    2. The files attached with the lesson as a course material will be unreachable for the students until they will pay for the course.

    3. You may attach up to 10 files per each lesson.

  5. Click the Save button to save the lesson.

Create as many lessons as you need for your course.

If you need to change some lesson content, you can click on edit button near each lesson and change the title, description, duration or the files attached to it.

Additionally, you can reorganize the order of the courses by drag-and-drop the lines of the lessons as you require.

When you complete filling all lessons for your course and ready to go to public, then click on the courses menu item again to see the list of all your courses.

Now you can see the activated course publish action button on the course row. Click on it and confirm.

Congratulations, you have created and published your course.

Stage 2 - Create a schedule for your course

Now it's time to create a schedule for your course. The students will register for the schedule and pay for the schedule.

Pay attention to your schedule total duration, it should not be less then the total duration of your lessons.

First of all select the dates and time for your live sessions.

You can use recurrent pattern for selecting the dates or you can switch to custom view and select date and time for each session individually.

All times are in your local time zone.

After selection of the dates, set the exam date and time too.

Exam date and time should be after the latest session.

Now put the duration of each session in duration.

And the last step, setting the the price for your schedule.

The price on Deva platform depends from 3 parameters.

  • The price which you can see on the modal form (see screenshot)

  • The currency of the price.

  • And count of sessions which the price represents.

In other words, the price is for given count of sessions.
Pricing example: You have a schedule with 12 live sessions. If you set price 100 USD and "Count of sessions" - 4, then the schedule will be with recurrent payment with 3 payments (12/4=3) each by 100 USD. If you set price 500 USD and "Count of sessions" - 12 then the schedule will be one time payment at the beginning 500 USD.
The demo lesson you can enable to provide free first lesson to your students. The enabled or disabled demo lesson will not affect on pricing math.

After saving your schedule you will see the new schedule in draft status in the list of your course schedules or in all your schedules.

Now, to let students register to your new schedule, just publish it by clicking on the publish action button.

After publishing, your schedule will be visible on the public landing page and the status of the schedule will be planned.

After taking first live session, the status will be in progress and you have to complete it after taking the exam session after schedule sessions will be passed.

Additional Stage - Coupon Creation

If you want to provide some sale coupons to anyone, you can easily click on Show Coupons button on the schedule record. The click the Ass Coupon button in opened modal window and fill the required fields.

Coupon code should be unique.
We support 2 types of coupons: fixed price sale and percentage.
If you limited in time coupon, set the optional expiration date.


In this topic was presented the instructions, how to create a new course, how to create a new live sessions schedule and publish them to public and additionally, was presented how to create a sale coupons for your schedules.

Welcome to Deva dear instructor. Our team is wish you the good luck and many student.

Knowledge is a strength. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the others.

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